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explanation of vision:
Deployment and customer services: Organizing every on-site service requirement for the success of your company presentation. As part
of our services, we ensure that you are well prepared and research

what to expect from the market.

Ace Creatives agent gives you a solution that helps you meet your goals and objectives: to get noticed by your target market on the trade show floor, to promote your brand, and to attract companies
to your services.

Customers have used live marketing's integrated engagement programs to create more awareness, develop meaningful fashion connections with fast designer prospects, customers and employees, and drive meaningful business results.
Creative strategic and creative versatility continues to lead the discourse and pursue the elusive ideals of intelligence, fashion and real human presence within today's world of brand communication.
Note: Sladana Amidzic agent will call you back to possibly work on your details.
Sladana Amidzic administrative staff provides in-house information, in particular by referring you to relevant legal information sheets and sample agreements of the related company, or to third party information such as the fact sheets. Sladana Amidzic creatives agent also publishes a range of checklists and guides, newsletters, product related papers and a quarterly newsletter.
We discuss with you to deliver every program touchpoint client presentation – pretty much everything you’d ever need in your company/bar/restaurant: You and your client Full menu of portfolio solutions, including:
Site scouting in every major market in Austria, Vienna, Paris, France and more
Label traffic analysis, store concept, drink range conceptual renderings and modeling
Development of environmental program metrics: traffic, time, sales, etc.
Complete fabrication of soft drinks, fixtures, value added design, design elements, signs
Technology design and integration, from softdrinks and value added drinks to photo/video activation
Program party support
Purchase options


Featuring: the world’s most fashionable names in fashion:

The team at SLADANA EYDE e.U. Creative agents was up to the challenge, helping the client create a book-signing drinks concept:

Our methodology: to assure that all aspects of your program are managed efficiently, professionally, and with your best interest in mind: from exclusive presentation, to processing orders, shipping nation-wide.

Pre- marketing Services F include:

client research and selection

demographic analysis

budget planning

prospect list development (if requested)

email programs

Social Media interconnectivity (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Mini-sites for building pre-society communities

PowerPoint is a great way to present, but software is only half

the battle. Point-of-Sale today is more than just text on a screen.

A good presentation should make you look good. Instead:

we help to get the most out of the tool you choose.

We’re here for the client, whether you’re using Powerpoint, Keynote, or some other products.

Presentation Pointers: A good presentation starts out with the development of custom slide drinks

There is no doubt clients have an important message to deliver.

We believe your audience would like to experience it the

best way possible.

The noise behind business

Visiting: our moving quotes page (FASHION TV,…) for online assistance.

Problems: International Moving

Moving abroad can be a very difficult process if you’re not working with an experienced international moving company

Program management

We suggest a program management that efficiently and effectively manages programs whether you have five evenings per year or over 100. Sladana Amidzic program management tactics are focused on budget control and on-time delivery.

Our online collaboration tools help to streamline communication and enable real-time delivery of program information and reporting overseas


Make SmartCentre – Call Center

Our program management is highly effective because we have one operational system and standard procedures throughout the direct one-man-organization. These have been developed and implemented to ensure quality control and consistency across all six full-service drinks facilities which can reduce unnecessary program spend.

Our focus… reducing cost and optimizing client program spend

To bring you the best of both worlds: a marketing agent focused on personalized service with the resources that come from being one of the largest and strongest companies in the industry - simply a smarter way of ensuring great program management.

Clients Search:

2013 Branded Catalog (Models,…)

2013 Unbranded Flip Catalog

2013 Slide PDF

2013 New Products Flyer

Video Instructions


Why F Drinks

Featured Products

Quarterly Specials

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Product guide

Evaluating Keynotes and General:

Exit Surveys – What did companies think of your booth, your messaging, your staff? Exit surveys are a perfect way to find out.

The best speakers WANT feedback about their appointments.


´Design In A Bottle' offers options for the purchase of

fashion can products and services. A Basic Box for just a sample,

or a Fashion Box for the purchase of a customizable box containing any and all the products & services for restaurant program.

What is Fashion TV Drinks- a service?

Listen, we research and we search the tools to sell in the concepts.

International Shipping -

International Shipping -

· Our Goals by using a fashionable service:

· Ø Draw a crowd.

· Ø Put a new spin on your presentation.

· Ø Turn the tables on your competition.

· Ø Rack up sales.

· Ø Clients can drink on it.

· Draw Attendees - Deliver Your Message

· Product Benefits

Ø customize for example Models, Restaurants,...

How to Get Started?

·          Call _+436607722616 or e-mail customer support agent at for a complimentary consultation.

There is no obligation, and we can discuss how to customize a program that will increase your profits while leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Everyone knew who we were


EFFECT FOR CLIENT: Then I realized it was my company

Effect: the customer has a free choice of three

DRINK cards which represent your products

This effect is powerful, easy to do, and most importantly,

it features your products and benefits while delivering

your sales message.

Launching pad for the hottest new products:

new Products are making their debut at the industry’s

number one Models

Creative consultation

Every company is unique and we believe every restaurant or boutique should be, too. From the very first meeting, strategy and needs and establish the roots of a fashionable concept. We can create product range based off this foundation, weaving together the very best materials, shapes, bottles, graphics and television media,



is the world's premier fashion video provider

Stretch your imagination

Stretch Your Imagination

CLIENTS: every type of program, let us stretch your imagination to new heights.

Sampling the-go-drink elements that can be set up in minutes.

CREATIVE AGENT is almost upon us!

If not, then you should at least have a good idea about what Fashion TV is up to this year.


New in 2013 from SLADANA EYDE (company)

Tips for finding the right drinks for a new client


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