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Our Terms and Conditions Webshop (Update 2018-02 Seite:

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions page! Webshop

This present product presentation (e.g., shoes / pumps) refers to orders in webshops, so it refers to purchase agreements (not to service agreements) between enterprises on the one hand and consumers.

General information related to Terms and Conditions in the webshop / internet

What are Terms & Conditions?

Terms & Conditions are preformulated contract conditions, which come to use because in today´s business transactions we are not able to negotiate a detailed and individual agreement for each of our customers. Typically our customers order from our ready-made catalogue of goods under our sales conditions.

Conclusion of contract

The order of the customer is an offer. A contract will be set up after our subsequent acceptance of the order.

An order is just possible, if all of the stated as required fields / *necessary / are filled up, or the order has been placed by

e-mail stating the details about the required item / product including all necessary information related to clothing sizes, billing address, delivery address, name, address, date of birth, e-mail-address, phone number.

If information is missing, or if we cannot proceed with the order for some reason, the customer will receive a „default“ message. Before the customer finally places the order and sends it away, the customer will get the opportunity to correct the stated details in his / her order. As soon as the order process / checkout has been fulfilled, the customer will be notified with the info box. This is not yet the acceptance of the offer on the part on the webshop.

The incoming order will be confirmed for example by e-mail immediately (email confirmation of receipt). This can also happen automatically. The contract of purchase comes later by order acceptance, for example order confirmation notification, or direclty through shipping notification of the goods.

The contract of purchase will be saved and is for the customer accessable through the webshop or not. If the customer wants to print his / her order (the wording of the purchase contract), he can access it in the email which confirmed the incoming order details to the customer (necessary information related to §7 Abs 3 FAGG Austrian Legal distance

marketing regulations).

The sales contract (=order) will be set in German or English language of communication.

The order of the customer is an offer to buy. The purchase contract is set after our (webshop) acceptance of the order.

The customer will be notified about the order acceptance.

The customer is bound to his order two days starting with receipt of the order. The legal right to cancel / withdraw remains unaffected. The customer will be immediately informed about the date of receipt of order from the webshop. If the order cannot be accepted for some reason, the customer will be informed by e-mail.

Pricing and Payment terms

Before placing the order, the consumer will be informed about the price including all types of purchase taxes, and possible shipping fees. If these costs cannot be calculated in advance, the consumer will be informed about possible additional costs. We are using; related to the Austrian Legal FAGG distance marketing regulations; for the price including taxes and charges the designation “full price“. All prices are full prices. The prices define themselves including all taxes, including vat and charges, and shipping fees, if not stated seperately.

Payment options

We are currently accepting on this site the following payment options / credit cards:

Mastercard, Visa, Paypal Checkout, Bank transfer

If no other payment option is made out, the customer is legally bound to pay the full price already with conclusion of the agreement.

The shipping of the goods will be fulfilled after incoming of payment in the webshop / on bank account.

Payment deadlines

In the absence of different agreement, the total purchase price is to be paid within three working days, beginning with receipt of invoice without any deduction and free of charge.

Right to rescind (§11 FAGG)

The in Austria common term Right to rescind corresponds to the in Germany common consumer right directive

called Right of cancellation.

Start and duration of the cancellation period

The cancellation period for distance selling contracts is fourteen (14) days. The period for withdrawal an order is in all

EU-States same-long.

Longer cancellation terms can be provided, shorter cancellation terms are not allowed.

The cancellation period starts with the receiving acceptance of goods through the customer.

Legal consequences of such a withdrawal

A cancellation in time causes the cancellation of purchase contract / order. The consumer has to return the goods.

The webshop has to refund any payments already made by the consumer including the shipping fees.

Costs of returning the goods

Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser has to bear the costs of returning the goods

Exeptions to the right of cancellation (§ 18 FAGG Austrian legal distance marketing regulations)

The right to rescind is cancelled for sealed goods (sealed bag), for health reasons or hygiene reasons.

Goods are not suitable for return, if the goods have been opened after webshop delivery.

Complaints based on legal warranty claims or other type of customer complaints can be processed over the

webshop contact details stated in the contact details / imprint.

In the case of delivery to a Non-EEA country the consumer has to pay all import fees including customs,

fees and charges (if occuring).

Terms of delivery

On payment by precash the term of delivery begins with receipt of payment on our bank account. We point to perhaps divergent delivery times on the respective product page.

Unless otherwise agreed, the webshop supplies goods within seven working days after our confirmation of the concluded purchase contract.

Reservation of proprietary rights

The product remains our property up to the entire payment.

Once you have given approval it can be revoked any time by which the before given approval for the data processing becomes inadmissible.

Information related to exercising the right to rescind in case of purchase contract

about one or more items in one consignment

Cancellation policy for products bought in the webshop

Right to withdraw

You have the right to withdraw the order within fourteen (14) days without giving any reason.

The withdrawal period is fourteen days starting with the day when you or somebody else appointed by you, who is not the supplier / delivery service, took over the purchased products at your address.

To make use of your right to withdraw, you have to inform us about your descision to cancel the order with a clear statement (including name, address, telephone number, fax number if existing, e-mail-address)

If you make use of your right to withdraw the order, we will immediately (for example by e-mail) confirm you the receipt of withdrawal.

Consequences of cancellation

If you cancel / withdraw your order, we have to return to you all payments, which the webshop received including the delivery costs (with exemption of additional costs, which resulted from the selection of another shipping method beside the standard included shipping method) immediately and latest within 14 days, starting with the date of incoming email about cancellation of order.


You can also direclty forward your complaint to us to the following e-mail address:

Reasonable complaints do not give the right to keep the full invoice value, but only reasonable part of the invoice amount.

Prices in the webshop

Towards customers we are stating prices for goods in the webshop according to Austrian guidelines related to FAGG distance selling directive on the protection of consumers in respect of distance purchase contracts, even before

conclusion of a purchase contract.

What is valid related to the payment method Paypal Express?

It is not permitted for the webshop-operator to demand payment before a purchasing contact has not been set.

Choosing the payment method Paypal Express the customer already places the payment order to his payment service provider / bank by clicking the order button. Therefore the vendor has to make sure that the purchase contract comes about at this point. This relevant information has to be provided during the ordering process.

The online dispute resolution platform is available under Link:

Shopping basket / TKG Telecommunications act Cookies

If you put an article into the shopping basket, the provider of the website / webshop uses a cookie to temporarily safe

the selected article and deletes it afterwards. This function is necessary for fullfiling the desired ordering process / customer service related to placing the order properly.

Use of Cookies

Please note that for the purpose of simplifying the shopping process and for the later fullfilling of the purchase contract

the webshop-operator saves as part of Cookies the IP-Data of the customer, aswell name, address, credit card number

of the customer.

After that we also save the following data for the purpose of order processing:

Name, shipping address, invoice address, payment details, date of birth, if necessary.

A data transmission to third parties will not reverse, with the exception of the transmission of the credit card number to

a bank for the purpose of charging the open invoice amount.

After ending the virtual shopping session or after termination of shopping process the webshop deletes the saved data or data remains saved until the payment has not been fully transferred.

Data like name / shipping address / invoice address / credit card number will be saved until the delivery of the items.

Copyright protection

The author / designer of a piece of work / picture / logo / grafic is entitled to be named the creator / author of his / her piece of work. On the other hand all utilisation rights (rights of use) are entitled to him related to his piece of work exclusively.

Rights of use can be transferred very well (completely, partially, not exclusively or exclusively). The rights of the creator / author originate with the creation of a piece of work according to Austrian copyright protection regulations.

The suitable Data Processing

Data Processing

The consumer agrees, that the following personal data: name, shipping address, possible selected payment method, invoice address, is beeing processed for the purpose of contract fulfillment / delivery, as well as for the customization of webshop offers.

If you use our webshop service, you entrust us with your data. This data protection information is to help you to

understand our process manner with the order, to understand better our process manner with the order: which data

we collect, why we collect data, and what is done with it. If you state correct data, you make it easier for us to fullfill

the ordering process correctly.

The webshop-provider is saving your data when you are not logged in, seperately from all other account information which identify you during the ordering process – name, e-mail-address, or telephone number.

The webshop is saving your data to proceed the ongoing order, to enable you the best possible experience with our service. You directly provide the details to the webshop provider by creating your account during the ordering process

or by sending an e-mail with the necessary information to place an order.

Social PlugIns

On this website we partially also use Social PlugIns, e.g. plugIns of social networks like Facebook, Instagram.

These are often technically operated in the USA or other countries outside of Austria or EEA and provided in the EEA (, The PlugIns are often marked with a logo of the company, or a #Like#; #Gefällt mir#, or #+1# Button. If you open one site of our webshop / web presentation in your webbrowser,

which contains such a plugIn, your web browser produces a direct connection with the servers of the respective

provider in the respective country.

By the integration of the plugIns the supplier receives at least the information that they have visited a certain page of our webshop, where necessary also further information, which disclose your web browser or your mobile device.

The contents of the PlugIns are beeing loaded through your web browser directly from the provider and integrated into

the website. If you are registered with the concerning community or if you are logged in with an account, your visit can

be also assigned to your user account.

If you interoperate with a PlugIn, click e.g., #Like# button / post a comment in a checkbox, this information will be transmitted through your browser directly to the provider. Information will be stored there and published if necessary.

Purpose and extent of the described data survey and usage are primarily all marketing measures of the provider and the community XYZ. If you want to avoid a linking with an eventually existing user's account, you must log out before you visit our site. By visiting our site, you agree with the regulations.

Declaration of consent for content of promotion; for example newsletter

The customer, if requested, agrees to receive messages from us about our products, current offers or other various company-related information with the help of advertising e-mails, especially newsletters.

If the customer checked the boxes during the ordering process and filled in his e-mail address, he agreed to receive information from our company / webshop about our products, current offers and other company-related information by receiving advertising emails, inparticular newsletters.

Withdrawal of the receipt of newsletters

The customer can withdraw his agreement to receive such kind of e-mails at any time as follows:

Forwarding of the e-mail including the newsletter to the sender with the notice: „Please do not send any further newsletters.“

Imprint / Contact details:


Sladana Amidzic

Leo-Mathauser-Gasse 14/1/1 

A-1230 Wien (moved from A-1040)

Vat-no: ATU67516048

Tel.: +436607722616



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