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Privacy Policy

Subject to data protection is personal data. Personal data is any individual information in line with statutory regulations about personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes for example information such as name, postal address, shipping address, e-mail address or telephone number, if necessary, also personal data such as IP address, depending on the provider or webshop tool.

Scope of data collection and storage

Generally, for the use of our website / webshop it is not required to enter personal data. We may need your personal data,

if applicable, in order to actually complete orders. This applies especially also to answering individual queries and processing of orders.

This may require transmitting your personal data to other persons, which we might deploy to fulfill the creative service or

for the fulfillment of the contract or cooperation, for example, shipping companies, color consultants

Your personal data will not be transmitted to third persons without your explicit approval, unless it turns necessary for providing the service itself or for contract fulfillment (e.g. size, as stated above). Also the transmission to authorized state institutions and authorities happens only within the framework of the statutory obligations to provide information.

After completion of contract fulfillment, your data will be deleted related to commercial conditions unless you have consented to a further data application and this is necessary at all. If you have signed up with your e-mail address for newsletters, we will use your e-mail address beside order processing also for advertising purposes, until you

unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Data survey with the use of analytics / cookies

You can disable cookies, if you select „do not accept cookies“ in the browser settings. If you do not accept cookies,

this may result in functional restrictions.

Shopping basket / TKG Telecommunications act Cookies

If you put an article into the shopping basket, the provider of the website / webshop uses a cookie to temporarily safe

the selected article and deletes it afterwards. This function is necessary for fullfiling the desired ordering process /

customer service related to placing the order properly.

Use of Cookies

Please note that for the purpose of simplifying the shopping process and for the later fullfilling of the purchase contract

the webshop-operator saves as part of Cookies the IP-Data of the customer, aswell name, address, credit card

number of the customer.

After that we also save the following data for the purpose of order processing: name, shipping address, invoice address, payment details, date of birth, if necessary.

A data transmission to third parties will not reverse, with the exception of the transmission of the credit card number to a bank for the purpose of charging the open invoice amount.

After ending the virtual shopping session or after termination of shopping process the webshop deletes the saved data or data remains saved until the payment has not been fully transferred. Data like name / shipping address / invoice address / credit card number will be saved until the delivery of the items.

Collection and storage of usage data

To optimize our webshop we collect and store website usage data e.g. date / time of page visits, or the website information from where you have accessed our webshop site, without personally identifying the user. We collect website traffic data for statistical purposes in order to evaluate, optimize and simplify certain tools of our webshop. The collecting or storage of usage data allows no conclusion about natural persons such as consumers and is carried out anonymously.

The suitable Data Processing

We evaluate, process and store personal data only for legal purposes on a related legal basis.

Right to information, right to deletion, right of objection, contact details

Any time you can require information to a reasonable extent or deletion of processed personal data, e.g., in the form

of cancellation of a newsletter, or contact information updates e.g. e-mail address etc.

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