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Advanced Creative Session: CREATIVE THINKING TO
SLADANA EYDE (sole trader company) is the proud agent of the ACE EXHIBITION AUSTRIA program. In this first year, the plan is to continue to provide quality locations in exciting cities, fine meals, evening entertainment and a great learning experience. Sladana believes that
information is a vital component to your personal success and to the success of the creatives
industry. Ace Exhibition agents specialize in the expert execution of trade show exhibits and
company presentation, environments and corporate brand strategies. The company provides
single-source accountability while utilizing prime venue locations and multiple global alliances for the delivery of creatives service. Award-winning design and creative marketing programs highlight the company´s deliverables in the GCC. A full description of ACE exhibtions agent services as well as a portfolio of work can be found at
Style, quality and service define ACE Exhibitions agents. We pride ourselves on being an event partner that helps creating exceptional, one-of-a-kind presetations for client solutions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. SLADANA EYDE´s diverse inventory is able to transform trend-setting environments. Combine our furnishings with your logo or message and create the ultimate branding tool. Any print idea you can dream of can be used on our shell schemes, tables, display units and event furniture for rent.
You have stories to tell and markets to reach products to sell and brands to promote. Connecting with your customer face to face requires more than a designed structure -
it requires multi-level structure experiences. Whether you need a trade show exhibit, a corporate event, a retail installation, or fashion fabrication, let us show you how we can
bring your story to life.
Global exhibiting requires not only business savvy but also cultural sensitivity.
Being prepared to do business in another market is important and often turns out to be what seperates a successful exhibit program from a waste of money, time and effort. SLADANA EYDE ace creatives agent is sensitive to cultural expectations and realizes that culturally based service is part of a successful exhibiting experience. We take the steps necessarily based on cultural understanding and the evolution of marketing in a particular country by studying trends in a particular culture to deliver real value. We are aware and respectful of compliance and
legal issues that impact exhibiting (e.g., EU Privacy laws/Association of event organizers)
and provide value beyond borders.
Deployment and Shows Services: Organizing every on-site service requirement for the succcess of your show - preshow, onsite and post show. We will help you request VAT
refunds, and arrange for next year´s show and accommodations.
As part of our services, we ensure that you are well prepared and know what to expect from
an international trade show.
ACE Exhibitions agent gives you a solution that helps you meet your trade show goals and objectives: to get noticed by your target market on the trade show floor, to promote your brand, and to attract company visitors to your trade show boom exhibit.
The agents creative versatility continues to lead the discourse and pursue the elusive
ideals of intelligence, fashion and real human presence within today´s world of brand communication.
Ace Exhibitions agent lawyers or administrative stuff provide in-house information,
in particular by referring to relevant legal information sheets and sample agreements,
or to third party information such as the fact sheets of the Jeddah copyright Council.
Ace Creatives agent also publishes a range of checklists and guides, seminar
papers and quarterly news SLADANA EYDE agent. - See more at:
Jeddah´s premier art institution prime venue, one of the world´s most extensive
collections of international programs. SLADANA EYDE (sole trader company)

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